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Celebrating our King and Queen on April 26, 2014

Posted on April 24, 2014

Perhaps other ex-pats in the Netherlands will understand this one: I thought Queen Beatrix was a wonderful representative for the Dutch nation, but Lord am I glad I don’t have to twist my tongue over the word “Koninginnendag” anymore. With the investiture of the new monarch the Orange holiday is now known as “Koningsdag,” and I find this much easier to pronounce. Although, to be honest, I also checked the correct spelling of both of those Dutch terms, proving that I happen to trip up on the written syllables as well. Long live the King and Queen! To join the upcoming celebrations on April 26 we have selected one of king and one queen from Vinita’s archive of wild, fanciful and royal headgear exploits.

On The Street

Posted on April 20, 2014

What lies under, in the cellar, You either know or you don’t know — You’ll have to admit it, frankly that By storing something that you may walk across While wondering about what’s there within Your best guess is the most you’ll know. Perhaps something valuable otherwise maybe it’s rubbish, This old fashioned treasure chest housing Old broken boxes, a plastic chair What lies underneath, Maybe even charity safeguarded for us just in case, These cases of hope and curiosity.    


Posted on March 10, 2014

It’s not really the best picture for a cover is it?  But for a long time it was used as the cover on a manuscript..just because we needed to conceptualize a cover. We could probably say that we rode on the coattails of the Crabeth brothers and their glorious windows in the St. Janskerk in Gouda, the inspiration for the first book “The Bee’s Tour of Gouda, Buzzing Through Vinita’s Lens.” We couldn’t leave the two artists out of the second book and they definitely are there, don’t worry. We’ve also added an artist to the second book. Upon seeing Joseph’s artwork for the new book Vinita gasped, “It’s gorgeous!”

On The Street

Posted on February 20, 2014

You yourself might have an eye for detail while out for a walk.  Have you ever noticed the various types of street  poles and hitching posts in your neighbourhood, silently gracing the pavements, the fronts of buildings and waiting for your attention?  

Vinita & Persephone Disagree

Posted on February 10, 2014

Vinita and Persephone disagreed about this photograph.  Persephone enjoys this grumpy, funky side of Gouda that so amuses her, the building talking to her of missed chances, bad decisions, and leftover lifestyles while  Vinita prefers the depiction of renewal and revival.  The shot didn’t make it in the book even though the two spent quite some time cropping and viewing various angles and details of this warehouse on the harbor.