A Sample of Gouda (2016): Short one paragraph fiction stories set in Gouda and accompanied by colour photographs taken by Vinita Salomé featuring details of the beautiful Dutch city.  The texts written by Persephone Abbott are inspired by a quote from Erasmsus, “I am a citizen of the world, known to all and to all a stranger.”  Due to his parentage the humanist Erasmus had strong early connections with Gouda, and lived in the city before travelling the world to study, work and write.  In a twist, the thirty-one short stories feature people who come from the far corners of the world to visit or settle in Gouda as well as local Dutch citizens.  John Graham-King, Managing Director of AngloINFO South Holland, delivers the Foreword to the book.  Maps by Joseph Segaran. (Euro 18 + international shipping.  Shipping cost are automatically calculated at checkout).

The Bee's Tour With Vinita _Amsterdam | Gouda