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The Perfect Shot that Didn’t Work

Posted on January 10, 2014

Researching potential book covers together, Vinita and I came across one photo on internet which we both immediately enjoyed and thought the idea behind the image would neatly fit our next little book, fictional stories, A Sample of Gouda.  Could we duplicate it? Actually, to give all credit where it is due, the question is: Could Vinita replicate it?  She set out one weekend with her son and husband on The Mission, involving Dutch cheese. Now, interestingly enough Vinita and most her family are fairly, shall we say, cheese intolerant.   Lactose intolerance is common these days and another common occurrence is the habit of having to take many, many photos before you might get the result you are seeking.  Vinita and her family all…

Welcome To 2014

Posted on January 1, 2014

Perhaps the sparks of your New Year’s festivities have died down, but ours certainly haven’t dwindeld.  We are waiting with baited breath for the release of our new book, A Sample of Gouda, but first, and very importantly first, we’re launching our official web site.  This is a web site providing you with brief and beautiful pockets of content about our artistic collaboration as well as giving inside peeks at what we’re up to while the “drama” of new book release unfolds.  As opposed to last time when we self-published, this time we are a corroborating with a publisher, however, the experience of self-publishing is to be recommended because we’ve gotten seasoned.  Yes, that’s right, we’ve been through the routine, the choices, the mistakes, the weighing of…