Perhaps the sparks of your New Year’s festivities have died down, but ours certainly haven’t dwindeld.  We are waiting with baited breath for the release of our new book, A Sample of Gouda, but first, and very importantly first, we’re launching our official web site.  This is a web site providing you with brief and beautiful pockets of content about our artistic collaboration as well as giving inside peeks at what we’re up to while the “drama” of new book release unfolds.  As opposed to last time when we self-published, this time we are a corroborating with a publisher, however, the experience of self-publishing is to be recommended because we’ve gotten seasoned.  Yes, that’s right, we’ve been through the routine, the choices, the mistakes, the weighing of priorities, the deadlines and all that good and provocative stuff that would be the source of you inserting your fingers into your scalp and want to make you tear your hair out if you were alone behind the computer. But when you’re a duo, giving and taking, this passing the baton back and forth makes the process much more agreeable, plus it is wonderful to share the excitement equally when it’s working to our whims! We’re keen to let you, dear readers, sample a little more of the scenes of our collaboration and upcoming projects.

Happy 2014!  Persephone and Vinita

The Bee's Tour With Vinita