Researching potential book covers together, Vinita and I came across one photo on internet which we both immediately enjoyed and thought the idea behind the image would neatly fit our next little book, fictional stories, A Sample of Gouda.  Could we duplicate it? Actually, to give all credit where it is due, the question is: Could Vinita replicate it?  She set out one weekend with her son and husband on The Mission, involving Dutch cheese.

Now, interestingly enough Vinita and most her family are fairly, shall we say, cheese intolerant.   Lactose intolerance is common these days and another common occurrence is the habit of having to take many, many photos before you might get the result you are seeking.  Vinita and her family all went out to the market one Saturday this past fall to sample hardened dairy products, bravely trying slice after slice of cheese, sacrificing themselves to art.  They successfully got the shot.   I must say I felt guilty.  I offered to take the cheese they had been “forced” to buy off their hands but then after having suggested this Vinita’s husband looked like he’d pick a fight with me for taking away the one cheese that he liked, his hard won, difficult to digest prize.  So I bowed out of the scene as gracefully as possible.

Interestingly enough, the photo didn’t resonate with the publisher and another cover was chosen.  We discovered this with some surprise when we opened the PDF he had sent us, but happily our initial shock dissipated into delight for we ourselves had been unsure of the suitability of the photo we had submitted. We had, in fact, submitted three photos for cover options.  We simply couldn’t make up our minds. Nonetheless it must be said that Vinita’s photo is “very Gouda.”

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