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Love From Beyond the Pump – Reminiscing

Posted on August 24, 2014

Geraldine was outside in the courtyard.  In between the rain storms, taking advantage of the sun and wind, she’d strung up her mother’s rug on the communal clothes line. Standing in the shadows of the building, she raised the carpet beater and slapped the rug with decision. As the dust flew, Geraldine thought about her mother.  Perhaps it was time to go and clean the pines needles from the grave. She hadn’t been in a while, and she thought she’d try to persuade her sister to join her this time. Whack! She beat the top again, starting over from the beginning.  Bert stood in his window across the courtyard and watched Geraldine beat the rug on the clothes line. The dark rug was an…

Love from Beyond the Pump (Another Episode in a Short and Unfulfilled Story)

Posted on August 12, 2014

Bert signed up for Tai-Chi.  His fourth wife, Elise, was relieved to see him taking an interest in his health. She also thought it was about time he got out of the house more since he’d retired. Bert stood outside every morning in the courtyard practicing his moves after the neighbour’s kids got off to school. He didn’t fool Geraldine, who had nerve enough to wave to him nonchalantly as she set about her household chores. Bert was trying out the move called “Snake Creeps through the Grass” which he’d mastered, so far to his knowledge, fairly well. He was slowly moving past the pump on the far corner of the 16th century courtyard where he lived. He was hoping that Geraldine would offer…