The Bee's Tour With Vinita _Amsterdam | Gouda

Ever feel like the New Year requires a little water-under-the-bridge motto to get it started in the right direction? Vinita and I began our collaboration in 2012 and quickly produced a book together, and then…..and then it’s nearly 2016 and the new book is still not out…..and then more phone calls to the publisher…..and then wanting to move on…and then the cannot-let-go mood comes over us and we plot and plan some more about a possible release. A release from worry would be a great New Year’s Resolution but is that realistic? A book release would be fantastic but in the meantime, learning to let go and welcoming in the new, even be it old-new, is also a blessing.
Season’s Greetings to all you and a Happy New Year.
Vinita and Persephone