What can we say but thank you!

The launch was small but very fine and such an enjoyable afternoon.  Thank you everyone for hosting, coming and supporting us.

We have received our first review of the book. Thank you Dutch News for the thumbs up!

A Sample of Gouda is currently on sale in Gouda at Christelijk Smit Boekhandel, Boekhandel Verkaaik, St. Janskerk boutique, and Museum Gouda or you can order it online.  We handle both domestic and international orders.

Next up on September 2 from 10:00 to 14:00 the View Finders Photography Walk lead by Dawn Black. Cost is 30 Euros which includes one copy of the book A Sample of Gouda.  Sign up at Dawn Black Photography.

After that we will be coming to locations including Amsterdam and The Hague, so keep your eyes open for the announcements. Happy summer!