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Upcoming Presentations of A Sample of Gouda

Posted on July 7, 2016

The power point presentation for our new book A Sample of Gouda wandered about between John Graham-King from Angloinfo South Holland, Vinita and me for a few days via bustling emails in preparation for the book launch. “What do you mean by slide 5?” John asked.  John likes clarification, not my short hand notes. “I want to talk about which pictures didn’t make the cut.” Vinita said and sent in a number of photos from our walks.  The power point presentation is ready for customization and the coming season with an option for a longer version than the 30 minute presentation we gave at the book launch in Gouda on June 30.   Our next gig on August 25, 2016 is (wo)manning a table at…

You May Pre-Order the Book Now

Posted on June 10, 2016

“It’s real,” Vinita said looking around her with wonder. We were sitting in our publisher’s office. Behind us giant industrial printing presses clattered continually, the noise somewhat dampened by the closed door.   Our book, A Sample of Gouda, has become within our community of friends and family a topic brought up every so often with muffled irritation and a hint humor thrown in to take off the edge. We thought it would be released in 2013 or let’s say 2014 at the very least. That’s what we thought back then. The manuscript was an almost-book, appearing in endless versions of PDFs before our eyes, and so elusive it was witnessed by few people, such as a mythical snow leopard.   To her great…

Water Under The Bridge

Posted on December 23, 2015

Ever feel like the New Year requires a little water-under-the-bridge motto to get it started in the right direction? Vinita and I began our collaboration in 2012 and quickly produced a book together, and then…..and then it’s nearly 2016 and the new book is still not out…..and then more phone calls to the publisher…..and then wanting to move on…and then the cannot-let-go mood comes over us and we plot and plan some more about a possible release. A release from worry would be a great New Year’s Resolution but is that realistic? A book release would be fantastic but in the meantime, learning to let go and welcoming in the new, even be it old-new, is also a blessing. Season’s Greetings to all you…

Reviewing Amsterdam

Posted on November 28, 2014

It is a curious thing, this curse or blessing of national identity. How do you see the world? More importantly how does your national identity change? I recently read Mr. Russell Shorto’s latest book Amsterdam: A History of the World’s Most Liberal City. Until a year ago Mr. Shorto had the prominence to be in the position of the director of the John Adams Institute in Amsterdam. Reviews on goodreads (the every person’s site for opinions on books) were very favourable, and equally some were less favourable. From what I could gather, the supporters of the book were generally Americans who had limited experience abroad. In this manner the references made in the book to facilitate cross cultural understanding made sense to those particular…


Posted on March 10, 2014

It’s not really the best picture for a cover is it?  But for a long time it was used as the cover on a manuscript..just because we needed to conceptualize a cover. We could probably say that we rode on the coattails of the Crabeth brothers and their glorious windows in the St. Janskerk in Gouda, the inspiration for the first book “The Bee’s Tour of Gouda, Buzzing Through Vinita’s Lens.” We couldn’t leave the two artists out of the second book and they definitely are there, don’t worry. We’ve also added an artist to the second book. Upon seeing Joseph’s artwork for the new book Vinita gasped, “It’s gorgeous!”

The Perfect Shot that Didn’t Work

Posted on January 10, 2014

Researching potential book covers together, Vinita and I came across one photo on internet which we both immediately enjoyed and thought the idea behind the image would neatly fit our next little book, fictional stories, A Sample of Gouda.  Could we duplicate it? Actually, to give all credit where it is due, the question is: Could Vinita replicate it?  She set out one weekend with her son and husband on The Mission, involving Dutch cheese. Now, interestingly enough Vinita and most her family are fairly, shall we say, cheese intolerant.   Lactose intolerance is common these days and another common occurrence is the habit of having to take many, many photos before you might get the result you are seeking.  Vinita and her family all…

Welcome To 2014

Posted on January 1, 2014

Perhaps the sparks of your New Year’s festivities have died down, but ours certainly haven’t dwindeld.  We are waiting with baited breath for the release of our new book, A Sample of Gouda, but first, and very importantly first, we’re launching our official web site.  This is a web site providing you with brief and beautiful pockets of content about our artistic collaboration as well as giving inside peeks at what we’re up to while the “drama” of new book release unfolds.  As opposed to last time when we self-published, this time we are a corroborating with a publisher, however, the experience of self-publishing is to be recommended because we’ve gotten seasoned.  Yes, that’s right, we’ve been through the routine, the choices, the mistakes, the weighing of…