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Reflections from the Cheese Market: Curly Kale

Posted on November 13, 2014

Curly Kale Stamppot It is ironic that kale, the main ingredient to the national dish Curly Kale Stamppot, is ever beloved by the Dutch while America has rediscovered the forgotten delight and how pertinent it is to promoting health when it comes to pushing vegetables in glossy magazines. A colleague said to me, proudly, that he’d signed up to attend a cooking course on Forgotten Vegetables.  For him, being Dutch, that meant: turnips, parsnips, and quinces.   “I’m having some kale,” a kale non-affectionado wrote of his gin and tonic, “Cheers!” I thought that was the best portion of kale I’d ever seen. “What should I write about?” I asked one day at large for a subject. “Kale!” came the reply. I wrote about kale, for which I…

Creative Catalyst

Posted on March 30, 2014

    My eyes would love to catch sight of myself, green eyes, under the left-overs, the clientless hats still lingering behind the glass cases in the show room. The stained glass swinging door behind the counter slightly ajar but the opening doesn’t let me see behind, my nose pressed to the dusty glass, and I do so want to see what’s beyond as I do so long to stand in the store beyond the front windows, my brow languishing as the hat moulds waiting to feel once again the warm felt around them.  They intuit the beginning, the fantasy of creations that certainly will not come, locked in the lingering sentiments of the woman too old to assemble more than a daydream behind a…