The Bee’s Tour with Vinita is an artistic collaboration between Vinita Salomé, photographer, and Persephone Abbott, author.  Vinita and Persephone met through the Gouda expat group Living with a Dutchie, which has a large number of members and variety of activities.  The two frequented the group’s social events but as their lives are quite different, they decided to join forces in the middle and work together on a project.


The English language guide book The Bee’s Tour of Gouda, Buzzing through Vinita’s Lens was an idea Persephone conceived while walking her dog around the historical city center of Gouda. Persephone wanted to write a walking guide that wasn’t dull and laden with dates and pages of advertising, or swamped with poor literal translations, proposing cultural leanings that could be easily misunderstood or are dangerously incomprehensible. Instead Persephone invented a private tour that would lead someplace.  It does, and does very well accompanied by Vinita’s beautiful vintage style photographs of Gouda.


Persephone and Vinita produced a blog for Angloinfo South Holland called Nectar From Holland: The Bee’s Tour with Vinita .  In 2016 A Sample of Gouda, fictional short storieswas published by The Bee’s Tour with Vinita. The foreword was written by John Graham-King of Angloinfo South Holland.


The most rewarding result in regards to their artistic collaboration is the freedom to express what they each want to say, with mutual support.  They look forward to the publication of their new book and continuing to work on projects already on the drawing board.


Image Credits: Anne Bennema