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Posted on December 3, 2016

      Merry Celebrations! The holidays are coming up and for those of you looking for that unique present to take back home, may we remind you that our book A Sample of Gouda is available at both the Verkaaik and Smit bookstores and Museum and St. Janskerk in Gouda.  In Amsterdam the book is stocked at the American Book Center on the Spui. Retailing at 18 Euros, the magazine style edition gives the reader an inside look to cultural integration in the Netherlands. We’ve heard a lot of thumbs up from friends and reviewers, so don’t hesitate to check it out! We’ve even heard people have rounded off their gift for that special someone with with chunk of cheese, Gouda presumably.  …

Thank You!

Posted on July 14, 2016



What can we say but thank you!

The launch was small but very fine and such an enjoyable afternoon.  Thank you everyone for hosting, coming and supporting us.

We have received our first review of the book. Thank you Dutch News for the thumbs up!

A Sample of Gouda is currently on sale in Gouda at Christelijk Smit Boekhandel, Boekhandel Verkaaik, St. Janskerk boutique, and Museum Gouda or you can order it online.  We handle both domestic and international orders.

Next up on September 2 from 10:00 to 14:00 the View Finders Photography Walk lead by Dawn Black. Cost is 30 Euros which includes one copy of the book A Sample of Gouda.  Sign up at Dawn Black Photography.

After that we will be coming to locations including Amsterdam and The Hague, so keep your eyes open for the announcements. Happy summer!



Emergency God Street

Posted on August 7, 2015

In 2001 I moved to Gouda. “”Gouda?”  Dutch people asked me, turning up their noses. I had lived all over the world, and I wanted to avoid ending my life in a modern suburb near Rotterdam. We bought a small house on the Lange Noodgodsstraat. ““It’s funny to see you living here.”” Visiting friends said. The house, a former shop, stood in the city center on the so-called “”Emergency God Street, the Long One as Opposed to the Short One”” along with a few other former shops one of which had been a milliner’’s store. The milliner’’s store had not changed; the milliner had drifted into a retirement home but the store was still represented by a few dusty hats and a soft hued,…

Love From Beyond the Pump – Reminiscing

Posted on August 24, 2014

Geraldine was outside in the courtyard.  In between the rain storms, taking advantage of the sun and wind, she’d strung up her mother’s rug on the communal clothes line. Standing in the shadows of the building, she raised the carpet beater and slapped the rug with decision. As the dust flew, Geraldine thought about her mother.  Perhaps it was time to go and clean the pines needles from the grave. She hadn’t been in a while, and she thought she’d try to persuade her sister to join her this time. Whack! She beat the top again, starting over from the beginning.  Bert stood in his window across the courtyard and watched Geraldine beat the rug on the clothes line. The dark rug was an…

Love from Beyond the Pump (Another Episode in a Short and Unfulfilled Story)

Posted on August 12, 2014

Bert signed up for Tai-Chi.  His fourth wife, Elise, was relieved to see him taking an interest in his health. She also thought it was about time he got out of the house more since he’d retired. Bert stood outside every morning in the courtyard practicing his moves after the neighbour’s kids got off to school. He didn’t fool Geraldine, who had nerve enough to wave to him nonchalantly as she set about her household chores. Bert was trying out the move called “Snake Creeps through the Grass” which he’d mastered, so far to his knowledge, fairly well. He was slowly moving past the pump on the far corner of the 16th century courtyard where he lived. He was hoping that Geraldine would offer…

Love from Beyond the Pump (A Short Story)

Posted on July 30, 2014

Bert liked to visit Geraldine who lived across the courtyard from him. He could see she was home, so he walked over, past the old pump and rang the bell. Geraldine had been cleaning the windows.  She stood there in her striped pastel colored t-shirt that made her upper body look more like a barrel than a woman, and he thought she was wonderful.  As wonderful as the day he first laid eyes on her, nearly 55 years ago when his  mother first took him to school. She offered him coffee as he knew she would. She asked him about Else, his fourth wife. Bert didn’t want to talk about Else. “Listen,” she said, he always liked to talk to her, “Why don’t you,”…

Talk About Cheesy

Posted on July 12, 2014

Once upon a time there lived a giant named Titus. In truth, Titus was an unemployed large person who lived at home with his mother. Carefully tucking a string bag into her coat pocket on market day, Titus’ mother went to the market square. There at a cheese stand she bought eight rounds of young cheese, the kind that comes held in a red wax seal. When she got home Titus could hardly contain himself at the sight of the string bag of cheese treats. He found it particularly exciting to slowly peel the wax away from the cheese and watch it emerge, tender and pale opalescent jelly just pleading with him to be gobbled up in two dainty bites, equally unresisting and impatient mood enhancers. (Story: P. Abbott)